Species Weight Captor Location Date Article
Cod 66lbs 8oz Tom Ascot Saltstraumen Feb '16
Pollock 24lbs 6oz Phytos Yianni Saltstraumen Nov '16
Coalfish 26lbs 12oz Phytos Yianni Saltstraumen Nov '16
Haddock 12lbs 5oz Stuart Norrish Saltstraumen Nov '13
Ling 60lbs Phil Hambrook Saltstraumen Apr '14
Lumb 23lbs 8oz Phil Hambrook Saltstraumen Mar '17
Hake 15lbs 8oz Phill Dale Namsos Nov '17
Wolf Fish 27lbs 12oz Paul Rogers Saltstraumen Sep '17
Halibut 111lbs 10oz Simon Smith Bodo Nov '14
Dab 2lbs 4oz Raymond Povey Skarnsundet Nov '10
Plaice 9lbs Phil Hambrook Saltstraumen Oct '17
Lemon Sole 2lbs 8oz Cliff Jones Bodo Jun '15
Turbot 5lbs
Thorny Skate 3lbs 3oz Simon Smith Bodo Nov '17
Long Nosed Skate 28lbs Phill Dale Namsos Nov '16
Thornback Ray 11lbs 5oz Simon Newman Namsos
Grey Gurnard 1lbs 6oz Steve Harder Skarnsundet Oct '15
Red Gurnard 1lbs
Ballan Wrasse 3lbs Steve Harder Skarsundet Oct '15
Corkwing Wrasse 8lbs
Long Rough Dab 1lbs
Megrim 1lbs
Sea Trout 7lbs Grant Jones Skarnsundet Apr '09
Salmon 5lbs
Ghost Shark 6lbs 9oz Tom Litchfield Skarnsundet Nov '17
Lantern Shark 1lbs
Black Mouthed Dog Fish 2lbs 14oz Matt Pitter Skarnsundet Nov '14
Spur Dog 16lbs Jason Stokes Skarnsundet Nov '17
Clo Skate 2lbs Stuart Norrish Kvaloya Nov '16
Tadpole fish 6oz Jason Stokes Skarnsundet Nov '17
Dragonet 6oz Jason Stokes Skarnsundet Nov '17
Whiting 6lbs 2oz Sean Start Saltstraumen Apr '17
Red Fish 2lbs 10oz John Strange Saltstraumen Nov '17
Greater Forkbeard 1lbs 6oz Jake Wadey Statland Oct '16
Conger Eel 18lbs Phill Dale Skarnsundet Apr '17
Mackerel 2lbs 4oz Matt Pengelley Saltstraumen Oct '17
Sea Scorpion 14oz Steve Harder Skarnsundet Apr '17
Scad 1lbs 5oz Steve Harder Namsos Oct '16
Silver Eel 10oz John Chatfield Skarnsundet Apr '15
Lumpsucker 4lbs Phill Dale Skarnsundet Nov '17
Blue Whiting 4oz Steve Harder Namsos Oct '16
Angler Fish 10lbs Steve Council Saltstraumen Oct '17
Poor Cod 7oz Steve Harder Namsos Oct '16

Where a weight is entered with no captor or other details, it is a qualifying weight.

Records may be submitted by email for any un-named species.